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Only 1 Thing Better Than Ramen Noodles …

Ramen Noodles Fat Chick Bikini Meanwhile In America

… and that’s BACON in my Ramen Noodles. There may not be bacon here but at least the Noodles are wrapped around a PIG! ­čÖé

Sent in by: Gwen

Black on White Hate Speech is OK, According to Facebook

Black on White Racisim Hate Speech OK According to Facebook Meanwhile In America
Do you agree with Facebook? Is this a double-standard?

Comment by submitter: “If the leader of a KKK rally was giving a similar┬áspeech, would it still be OK?”

Sent in by: Angry FB User

Internet Tough Guys: They’re an Epidemic

You got Punk’d!

Keyboard Cowboys Internet Tough Guys Meanwhile In America(Click Image for Full Size)

Sent in by: Jamie J.

That Toilet Paper Though …

Guy Speedo HalterTop Shopping Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: Darcy