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‘Murica … The “Melting Pot”

Murica ... The Melting Pot   not in Kansas anymore Meanwhile In America 557x590

Whelp … so much for the melting pot theory.
(Yep … this was actually taken in America.)

Sent in by: David

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin   frozen illinois tundra sunbathing Meanwhile In America

Jus chillin …

Ya Got That Leotard on Backward, Ninja.

Ya Got That Leotard on Backward, Ninja.   democrat obama supporter Meanwhile In America 569x590

Fresh out da bust-down Obama hoop-dee, nigga tits too sexy fo his shirt and want da whole world ta KNOW it!

Over 32 Billion Super Saiyans Served

Word around the campfire is the audio/dialog is fake, but she’s still missing a few tools from her shed.