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Really Ladies? REALLY?

Really Ladies? REALLY?   Jeremy Meeks Viral Convict Meanwhile In America 569x590And really American Media? REALLY?

Sent in by: Niki

Guys, How Many Drinks Until You’d Hit It?

Guys, How Many Drinks Until Youd Hit It?   lady gaga Meanwhile In America

Sent in by: Marcus

Dirt Cheap White Women For Sale at Walmart

Dirt Cheap White Women For Sale at Walmart   dirt cheap white women for sale walmart meanwhile in america 552x590

The value of white women has dropped so low in America, that you can now pickup a brunette for under $10.
In fact, the price had to be lowered to $7 just to try to get rid of what was rotting away in stock. Blonds have already sold out …


The Ultimate “Walk of Shame”

The Ultimate Walk of Shame   tranny hello kitty subway Meanwhile In America 378x590

Sent in by: Harry Bollocks

  • For the gamblers, what is the Over/Under for the number of STD’s this creature has?
  • And for the straight guys: How many drinks before you’d hit it?