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“You Named It the ‘Big King’ You Say?” …

You Named It the Big King You Say? ...   Ronald McDonald you came to the wrong neighborhood Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: Downtown Jimmy

Only 1 Thing Better Than Ramen Noodles …

Only 1 Thing Better Than Ramen Noodles ...   Ramen Noodles Fat Chick Bikini Meanwhile In America 407x590

… and that’s BACON in my Ramen Noodles. There may not be bacon here but at least the Noodles are wrapped around a PIG! 🙂

Sent in by: Gwen

I Got BILLS Ta Pay ….

I Got BILLS Ta Pay ....   black dude in wendys wig Meanwhile In America 551x590

… nigga BETTA order some cheese on that burger, or I’ma hop ova this counter!!!

Sent in by: Devon

‘Murica … The “Melting Pot”

Murica ... The Melting Pot   not in Kansas anymore Meanwhile In America 557x590

Whelp … so much for the melting pot theory.
(Yep … this was actually taken in America.)

Sent in by: David