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We Believe that Children Are Our Future …

So, if you ask us, the teacher who put the letters on this sign is either from Boston, or is “a few ants short of a picnic“.

funny mispelled school sign Meanwhile In America
Sent in by: Sharon C.

Only 1 Thing Better Than Ramen Noodles …

Ramen Noodles Fat Chick Bikini Meanwhile In America

… and that’s BACON in my Ramen Noodles. There may not be bacon here but at least the Noodles are wrapped around a PIG! 🙂

Sent in by: Gwen

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Budweiser Beer Cucumber Date Night Meanwhile In America

These Days You Not Only Need Back-up, You Also Need Front-up!

grandma backup atm Meanwhile In America

Sent in by: Calamity Jane