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That Toilet Paper Though …

That Toilet Paper Though ...   Guy Speedo HalterTop Shopping Meanwhile In America 590x480
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Really Ladies? REALLY?

Really Ladies? REALLY?   Jeremy Meeks Viral Convict Meanwhile In America 569x590And really American Media? REALLY?

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Vanilla Beiber

Vanilla Beiber   vanilla ice word to your mother funny meme Meanwhile In America
#ThrowBackThursday #TBT

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Back in MY Day We Sang “Rubber Ducky YOU’RE The One” in the Bath Tub …

Back in MY Day We Sang Rubber Ducky YOURE The One  in the Bath Tub ...   fat lazy donut eating nigga tub Meanwhile In America

… apparently in America niggas don’t give a shit about Ducky anymore …

Sent in by: LaTyonia